Hitachi Chemical acquired CSB Battery

January 19, 2015, Taipei, Taiwan


CSB Battery Co., Ltd (hereinafter “CSB”) shareholders, Mr. Chen

Chau-Hai and Mr. Richard Chen, and other minority shareholders’ interest in

the company has been acquired by and transferred to Hitachi Chemical Co.,

Ltd (hereinafter “Hitachi Chemical“) of Japan.


Shin-Kobe Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “SKEM”), a wholly

owned subsidiary of Hitachi Chemical, held 27.1% of the shares in CSB and

Hitachi Chemical acquired 33.7% of CSB shares bringing the total CSB

shareholding of Hitachi Chemical to 60.8% consisting of 44,927,000 shares. A

resolution passed at the Board of Directors meeting held on January 16, 2015

has appointed Mr. Teruo Oka as the new Chairman of CSB with Mr. Andrew

Wang remaining as President. Past Chairman & CEO Mr. Richard Chen, past

Chairman Board Director Mr. Chen Chau-Hai, and Board Director Mr. John

Wang have resigned as Board Directors.


Hitachi Chemical and CSB enter into a new era of close partnership.

Hitachi Chemical will benefit from CSB’s established global operations,

manufacturing strength and extensive sales channels worldwide to intensify

the growth of the Hitachi Chemical energy business unit’s revenue. CSB

benefits from Hitachi Chemical include human resource talent acquisition,

technological advancements, product improvements, brand management and

a renewed corporate vision.


The merger of Hitachi Chemical and CSB brings together two companies

at the forefront of their industries enabling greater leverage of synergies and

extending their market reach to provide increased customer satisfaction and

sustainable energy products.






Ms. Sally Chou

Associate Vice President

Business Headquarters

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